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sauce of the month club

No – you can choose heat levels, but part of the fun of the subscription is being pushed out of your comfort zone and trying things you might not have tried otherwise. Wine “of the month” clubs aren’t new, but Club W isn’t the same club our mom’s were members of when we were younger. Take their simple, six question test (don’t worry, it’s in plain English) to create your customized palate profile. Club W will give you recommendations from their selection, and you’ll get a bottle of the good stuff that you’re guaranteed to love delivered every month.

Hot sauce has found a place on kitchen tables alongside other staple condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise. There are countless versions found globally, which range in heat from mild to tear-inducing spicy, depending on the variety of chili pepper used. Because of this variety, hot sauce can be used in meals throughout the day, from everyday breakfast or an elaborate family feast to a simple late-night snack. In addition to using it raw, hot sauce can be used in cooking, typically taking on a slightly different flavor. This list captures some of our favorite hot sauce subscriptions available nationwide so you will be well-stocked with this beloved condiment. If you’re looking to experience new hot sauces in unique flavors or heat intensity from small-batch brands, then a hot sauce subscription is a perfect option.


Browse by brand, spice level, or chili pepper for filtered, a la carte hot sauce selections, or sign up for a monthly subscription to get a new variety of hot sauce delivered to your doorstep either monthly or quarterly. Experience the noteworthy sauces featured on the last six seasons of The Hot Ones TV Show with this subscription box from Heatonist.

If you signed up in the first half of the month, you’ll get your second box on the immediate 1st . If you sign up in the second half of the month, your second shipment will be on the following 1st . Honestly I couldn’t me more please with the box I received it was totally worth the price it paid. With an ideal combination of good design and high utility, the James Brand’s Carter knife is an EDC staple. This best-selling pocket knife features a VG-10 stainless-steel blade, which offers durability, superior edge retention and corrosion resistance. It boasts an ambidextrous design and is loaded with functional details, including a slide-lock mechanism for easy opening, closing, and safety and a reversible and removable pocket clip. Sleek and lightweight, the knife is anchored to G10 handles that are sculpted for a comfortable grip.

Hot Sauce That Actually Tastes Good, Delivered To Your Door Every Month.

There are countless, highly-celebrated small independent hot sauce outfits that, despite making a stellar product, are little-known to the general public. And it’s these exact brands that Fuego Box aims to shine a spotlight on. A self-described hot sauce club for foodies, the brand specializes in delivering sauces from small, unknown artisan brands that are well-worthy of meeting your taste buds. Unlike several of the other entries on this list, the Fuego Box strays from insane heat, weird extract-based sauces, and novelty or gimmicky branding, ultimately remaining purely focused on flavor. The company offers a single bottle subscription delivered every 30 days for $18, a three bottle option shipped every 30 or 90 days for $30, or a two-pack of ultra-hot sauces, also shipped monthly or quarterly for $28. Fuego Box is known for carrying small-batch hot sauces from around the world that focus on the right balance of flavor and heat. A third subscription, aptly known as the Pain Seeker, includes two bottles of extra hot sauce per delivery and costs $27.95 per box.

  • Fuego Box is known for carrying small-batch hot sauces from around the world that focus on the right balance of flavor and heat.
  • You are sure to find the best hot sauces, hot sauce gifts, and fun products of all things hot sauce and pepper related.
  • Certain sauces will use other varieties such as Thai chilies, Scotch Bonnet, or the extremely spicy Ghost peppers.
  • I swiped my pretzel through the dip while keeping my eyes on the screen.
  • Pricing starts around $90 for a three-month subscription of two bottles per delivery and is over $229 for a one-year subscription of two bottles per month, but there are several other options in between.
  • Ship gift box as soon as possible to the recipient with personalized gift note.
  • Be sure to check out our guide to the best BBQ sauces you can buy at the grocery store for readily-available access to meat’s best friend.

Monthly delivery clubs have been around since people actually ordered things through the mail, but these new options are much better than the ones you might be familiar with. In other words, when you’re talking about whiskey, vinyl or cured meats, these “of the month” clubs are actually worth paying for. Most hot sauce retailers will include this figure in the description of their sauces. You can look up peppers‘ Scoville rating as a guide for their level of spiciness. A Scoville rating is a measurement of a pepper’s heat, recorded as Scoville Heat Units through the scientific measuring of the compound capsaicin, which causes peppers to be spicy.

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Subscriptions are categorized by heat level—Mild & Medium , Classic , and Extra Hot. Single bottle subscriptions are priced at $15 for Mild and Classic and $17 for Extra Hot, with shipping included. Cratejoy’s Hot sauce of the month club is another subscription offering that lets you select the level of heat, and frequency and amount shipped. Often shipped with a variety of supplementary sample packets, the club’s boxes come in one- or three-bottle allotments ranging from $14 to $29. On the first of each month, Cratejoy ships your choice of a box containing sauces that fall under Mild/Medium, Classic, and Extra Hot — the latter of which is something of this outfit’s specialty. This also includes other items that hot sauces aficionados are sure to appreciate, such as has unique sauces, curry pastes, habanero sauces, and Mexican verde-style hot sauces. My family knows that I’ll put hot sauce on just about anything before I eat it and this year they decided to feed my obsession with a hot sauce membership as a Father’s Day gift.

sauce of the month club

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sauce of the month club

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